Six Brits face the reality of refugee journeys in bold new show

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Channel 4 will send Brits to Somalia and Syria as part of a new TV show exploring immigration.

Immigration remains one of the UK’s most controversial topics, with the number of people crossing the Channel illegally more than quadrupling in the past four years.

Channel 4 has announced Go Back to Where You Came From (working title) from Minnow Films.

This bold and timely four-part series aims to challenge British perceptions of asylum seekers and immigration.

Based on the award-winning Australian series, this adaptation will immerse six Brits with diverse views in the harsh realities faced by refugees and migrants.

Starting at the UK borders, the participants will travel to the homelands that refugees are desperate to flee.

They will begin in Mogadishu, Somalia, and Raqqa, Syria, two of the most dangerous cities on earth.

How will they cope with nearby missile strikes, overcrowded camps, and devastating poverty?

Next, they will journey along migrant routes through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe to the UK, experiencing scenarios that challenge their views.

They will trek through deserts, climb over mountain border crossings, and face the terror of small boat crossings.

Will these extreme experiences change their views on immigration?

Go Back to Where You Came From will take an unflinching look at the immigration debate, aiming to educate, provoke, and move viewers from all political backgrounds.

Senior Commissioning Editors Anna Miralis and Madonna Benjamin said: “This is an extremely bold commission that continues to reinforce the Channel’s commitment to tackle difficult and highly relevant subject matter.

“It is hoped that this will offer up an opportunity for the British public to help understand some of the terrifying perils asylum seekers face when they attempt to travel to the UK. The adaptation of this multi-award-winning Australian format will be thoughtful and impactful and is likely to create an intense debate about an issue that Britain has grappled with for decades.”

Liam Humphreys added, “We are thrilled to be working with C4 on this audacious and ground-breaking idea which will provide a unique and compelling perspective on the plight and flight of asylum seekers. Go Back To Where You Came From is a perfect illustration of how a controversial and thought-provoking format can, through a very human focus, challenge preconceptions and ignite the national debate.”

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