‘Simon Cowell’ sings in surprise America’s Got Talent audition


‘Simon Cowell’ took to the stage to sing for America’s Got Talent this week but not everything was as it seemed.

In its latest auditions, the American talent show welcomed duo Metaphysic made up of Tom from Australia and Chris from Belgium.

The pair shared their skill of using artificial intelligence to create hyperreal content.

“We’re going to show the audience something kind of amazing,” they teased.

“You’re very mysterious, I don’t want to ask anything else so good luck,” Simon Cowell told the pair.

Simon and the other judges then got quite the shock as a fake Simon appeared and began to perform You’re The Inspiration.

After the audition, Simon joked: “Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant? I’ve always said, is there such a thing as a perfect contestant, a great singer who looks incredible? We’ve just found them.”

Heidi Klum enthused: “Honestly this was the best thing I’ve seen all day

SofĂ­a Vergara added: “I cannot even imagine the amount of work to be able to create something so perfect. When I see this on TV I think it’s Simon 20 years ago singing.”

And Howie Mandel concluded: “Talent could be anything and you guys are pure talent to make us smile and make us laugh. That’s what we want from whatever stands on that X.”

The audition got four yeses from the judges seeing the group through to the next round.