Silent Witness is back! Cast and spoilers from the brand new series

Silent Witness is back for a 21st series on BBC One tonight but who’s the cast and what’s going on this time around?

BBC’s Silent Witness continues its new 8-part run from 9PM this evening.

The longest running British crime drama currently airing on TV, the series follows a team of forensic pathologists helping police solve murders using clues found on the bodies of the victims – the silent witnesses.

Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr return as the dynamic Lyell unit, for five new topical thrilling two-part contemporary stories set against the familiar landscapes of London.

Silent Witness spoilers

In the first half of the final instalment, it is Christmas morning and Nikki (Emilia Fox), is awaiting a call from Matt (Michael Landes) who is back in the States.

Instead, she receives a call to say that the team is needed: a family has been massacred at an enormous property owned by Andy McMorris (Simon Bond), the CEO of a haulage company.

Greeted by SIO DI Gibbs (T’Nia Miller), Nikki is first on the scene whilst Clarissa (Liz Carr) is connected to the action via screens and microphones back at the Lyell. Having left his father to celebrate Christmas without him, Jack (David Caves) is just arriving to join them when a gunshot suddenly rings out.

With Gibbs lying on the floor with a life-threatening injury, the team realise that the shooter might still be on the grounds. Are they also in danger?

In tonight’s episode, As the truth behind the McMorris family is revealed, the team is brought together by the conclusion of a shocking Christmas family tragedy.

Reuniting with their respective families, Nikki (Emilia Fox) finds her secret Santa gift is a visit from a loved one.

Silent Witness airs tonight, 07 February on BBC One from 9PM.

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