Celebs to go diving with sharks in new reality show

SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters poster

Celebrities will go diving with sharks in a brand new reality TV show coming to ITV1.

SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters will dare a group of ocean-phobic celebrities to confront their greatest fear – sharks.

Airing to coincide with 50th Anniversary of Jaws, the show will welcome a group of famous faces to the Bahamas – the shark capital of the world – where they will push past their limits to come nose to nose with nature’s ‘villains.’

Their firsthand experiences will provide immeasurable excitement and new perspective; they’ll come to appreciate sharks’ valuable place on the food chain and in our ecosystem, recognizing that a world devoid of these notoriously terrifying creatures is downright frightening.

The celebrities will be tasked with diving with a different species of shark, with the breeds getting bigger and more dangerous each time. Bimini, the Bahamas island where the show will be filmed, is home to around 7-10 different shark types including Hammerheads, Bull sharks and Tiger sharks.

And if that isn’t enough, the celebrities will also face fear inducing challenges whilst learning first hand the important role sharks play in our oceans.

The series is being made by UK-based Plimsoll Productions.

“The team at Plimsoll is uniquely positioned to pioneer this format that blends conservation with wildly entertaining pop culture,” says Karen Plumb, Head of Factual Entertainment, Plimsoll Productions. “We’re constantly looking for innovative approaches to wildlife storytelling and are certain that our fish-out-of-water spin – delivering 50 years after Jaws – will transform the world’s perception of these critical predators before it’s too late.”

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning ITV added: “We’re super excited to be combining the work of Plimsoll – a Blue Chip natural history production company – with the expertise of ITV Entertainment. SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters promises to be a once in a lifetime challenge for some of the bravest celebrities out there.”

Celebrity casting for SHARK! Celebrity Infested Waters is currently underway.

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