Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson give each other X Factor tattoos


Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson have given each other X Factor tattoos.

The pair made the vow to ink one another during the auditions – and have stuck to their word.

In a video shared on Robbie Williams’ YouTube channel, the pair are seen tattooing an ‘X’ onto one another’s arms.

Robbie was first to go under the needle as Louis warned: “I ain’t got a steady hand by the way.

“I’m sorry in advance.”

However a blasé Robbie insists: “It’s all good – whatever it turns out like, I’m not bothered.”

After seeing the result, Robbie joked that it had “personality”.

On the other hand, Robbie didn’t prove as skilled as Louis with the tattoo gun

As Robbie got to work, Louis complained in pain: “Dig deep why don’t you! F**king hell, Rob.”

Setting eyes on the design, he reacted: “I think we are going to have to make it a bit thicker… I look religious all of a sudden.”

Eventually a flustered Robbie asked the professional tattooist to takeover: “You fix it, lad. I believe in you.”

Louis concluded: “F*** it, none of my tattoos are nice. I’ve got a lot of bad tattoos… but that now is by far the craziest.”

Robbie and Louis will be back on The X Factor this weekend, joined by Robbie’s wife Ayda Williams and X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

The four piece will be taking on the Six Chair Challenge as they each pick the final six acts in their categories.

This year, Simon has the girls, Robbie the groups, Louis the boys and Ayda the Overs.

The X Factor 2018 continues Saturday at 8:35PM on ITV and continues Sunday at 8PM.