Survival Of The Fittest spoiler! The boys and girls go head to head in new challenge

The Challenge

The boys and girls go head to head in their latest challenge on Survival Of The Fittest tonight.

At the end, either the boys or girls will be left under threat of being replaced.

Lottie gets a message: “Boys and Girls, in one hour you will all battle it out in the next team challenge.

"This challenge is called ‘All Up In My Grid’ and one member of the losing team will be Replaced.”

The Boys go for a Team Talk while Georgia says to the Girls: “It’s third time lucky, we’ve got to do this!”

The girls
The girls

In the Tree House, Callum gets competitive: “There is not one doubt in my mind that we are going to win.”

Mettisse is in the Tree House: “I’m so excited for the challenge, I can’t wait to show the Girls what I can bring to the table and just give it my all.”

The Boys talk tactics about if they were to win again, who they would vote out if given the chance. Most say Jenny because the threat she poses to them as a team. But will they win and get their chance or will the Girls beat the Boys and be the ones with the power?

Meanwhile, Mariam tells the Girls about weaknesses they should be looking out for in the Boys’ team: “I was speaking to Tristan and Callum earlier and they were saying how they think there is a little bit of cracking in the Boys, a little bit because Ryan and James both like Georgie.”

Georgie says: “Me and Ryan have decided to continue as we are which is friends and I don’t know, James did tell me he liked me last night but he got really embarrassed. I just think they are not going to work as well as a team if there are cracks.”

The Girls and Boys head to the challenge. They are given a message in a bottle which is a clue which will lead them to another buried bottle in a grid of sand. The team who collect all of the hidden bottles quickest wins.

The boys
The boys

The Girls look to be taking the lead but one false move could change the game completely.

Which sex will come out on top and who will be at risk of being Replaced?

Survival of the Fittest tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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