Survival Of The Fittest spoilers! First challenge puts one girl in hospital


Survival Of The Fittest begins tonight on ITV2 and there's already been a casualty.

In tonight’s show, 12 strong and sexy singles enter The Lodge for the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Arriving on two separate safari jeeps, a Girl and a Boy from each team on the cast get dropped off and are faced with a walk over a bridge across The Waterhole to The Lodge.

The pairs are: Dani and Callum, Jenny and David, Tia and Warren, Georgia and James, Mariam and Ryan and finally, Tristan and Georgie.

Host Laura Whitmore then flies to The Lodge in a helicopter before crossing the bridge herself to greet the Girls and Boys.

The Girls.
The Girls.
The Boys.
The Boys.

Laura tells the group: “For the next three weeks, you guys will be living in this luxury Lodge with these beautiful surroundings… But I’m afraid some of you won’t be here for long. Only the team members living in The Lodge in three weeks’ time will be in with a chance of winning a share of £40,000 in cash.

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"To help decide who stays and who goes, you are going to be going head to head in a series of team challenges that will test you both physically and mentally… It is very important to win because if your team loses you will be vulnerable and there is a risk that you will be replaced by a new arrival…

"Ultimately who stays and who goes home is decided not just by the public, but also by the opposition so keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

She goes on to explain that the teams will soon face their first team challenge.

Laura says: “It’s made up of six head-to-head challenges and the person that you’re up against is the person who you arrived with earlier on today.”

At the Challenge Plain, James reads out the instructions: “Your first team Challenge is called ‘Stop The Clock.’ The challenge is made up of six head to head rounds.”

The players will need to complete an obstacle course before taking on one of six different mini challenges before running back to their team to stop the clock. The team with the quickest overall time will win.

First up is David and Jenny and what waits for them at the end of their course is a pile of knotted ropes which they needed to untangle to free a ball.

Dani and Callum are up next and look ahead to the obstacle course before them which includes a slide down into a pool of water, a crawl to some under-and-over hurdles and then a see saw to walk across.

Dani injures her arm at the start of the obstacle course. The challenge is stopped and she is seen immediately by show medics before being taken to hospital as a precautionary measure. As a result, Callum and Dani’s round is void.

Dani and Callum face off in the challenge.

The Team Challenge continues and Tia and Warren are faced with a sliding floor puzzle which, when put together in the correct order, allow them to retrieve a ball and run back to their teams to stop the clock.

Mariam and Ryan have to throw a ball to hit a target at the end of their obstacle course.

Jenny and David face off in the challenge.
Jenny and David face off in the challenge.
The Challenge
The Challenge

Georgia and James have to find the correct pegs to fit in the holes of a large tube before filling it with water which in turn floats a ball to the top. Once they retrieve the ball, they can run back to their teams to stop the clock.

Georgie and Tristan are faced with a giant puzzle they need to complete as fast as they can.

Every second counts in this race against the clock – but which sex will come out on top?

Have the Girls or Boys proven themselves to be the strongest this time? And which team are at risk of one of them being replaced?

Survival of the Fittest starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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