Alan Must Win: New E4 reality show to launch with secret twist

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A brand new reality show with a big twist is coming to E4.

Alan Must Win will see a group of contestants compete in a popularity contest set inside a unique environment.

Whilst these contestants are busy competing for popularity, what none of the group know is that living secretly next door is a group of celebrities, playing their own game and doing everything they can to make sure that Alan. Must. Win.

At teaser shares: “Faced with their greatest challenge to date, the celebrities will do whatever they can to control the game by setting tasks, introducing jaw-dropping format twists, mastering the art of manipulation and using all they have learnt about reality shows and being liked to ensure Alan’s triumph.

“What does it take to be popular in the world today? Will these celebs be able to handle the pressure of controlling the game? This contemporary take on the reality show will change the rules of the game and could change Alan’s life forever.”

Commissioning Editor, Mel Bezalel said: “At E4, we’re completely obsessed with reality that drives viewing on All 4, and we’re excited about taking the genre in a completely (and sneaky) new direction.

“This is a show that engages celebrities in an entirely different way, using their unique skillset and experiences to manipulate gameplay – with entertaining and surprising results. This is a TV event not to miss. We can’t wait, and neither can ‘Alan’…”

The new series will air on E4 in 2023 with further details to be announced.

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