Junior Bake Off 2021 contestants from new Channel 4 series

Junior Bake Off cast for 2021 (series 6)

Junior Bake Off 2021 contestants

Junior Bake Off 2021 is here – meet the contestants taking part in the new spin-off.

Following the latest series of The Great British Bake Off, a brand new spin-off has started.

Junior Bake Off sees youngsters aged between 9 and 15 enter the famous tent to show off their baking skills.

The New series airs weeknights Monday to Fridays on Channel 4 at 5PM from 11 January.

Comedian Harry Hill hosts the show with Ravneet Gill and Liam Charles as judges.

Junior Bake Off starts with 16 contestants competing in two separate week-long heats. Each heat will feature 8 bakers who will face Technical Bakes and Showstopper challenges. Only the best will get through to the third and final week, having put their cake, biscuit, bread and pastry-making skills to the test.

Meet the contestants below…

Junior Bake Off 2021 contestants – Heat A

Heat A

TOP (L-R) Sophia, Fern, Cece, Erin BOTTOM: (L-R) Reece, Charlie, Fyn Robbie
TOP (L-R) Sophia, Fern, Cece, Erin. BOTTOM: (L-R) Reece, Charlie, Fyn Robbie

Sophia, 10 from Hertfordshire
Sophiahas only been baking for a couple of years and has proved herself to be a fast learner: frequently attempting new recipes and sometimes practicing them three times a week.

Fern, 10 from Merseyside
Fern has been baking nearly all of her life, learning from her parents and her Gran, who would often set Fern her own ‘technical’ baking challenges.

Cece, 14 from Kent
Cece first started baking at eight and by the age of 11 made her sister’s christening cake.

Erin, 13 from Worcestershire
One of three triplet sisters, Erin first got into baking when her mum had to entertain her three children without the chaos of leaving the house.

Reece, 14 from Leicestershire
Reece grew up watching his mum bake both Indian and English desserts in the kitchen, which inspired him to do the same.

Charlie, 10 from Worcestershire
Charlie first learned to bake with his mum and Grandma Pat and has won a local Autumn Show’s flapjack competition twice with her family famous recipe.

Fyn, 10 from Hampshire
Fyn been baking for as long as he could hold a spoon, but really developed his interest while creating marvellous bakes was his surrogate grandma who while his mum was at work.

Robbie, 15 from Bristol
Robbie was originally inspired to get in the kitchen by his Grandma Diane, who is chief birthday cake maker in the family.


Heat B

TOP (L-R) Sicily, Toby, Zack, Safiyyah  BOTTOM: (L-R) Henry, Naima, Will, Maddi
TOP (L-R) Sicily, Toby, Zack, Safiyyah. BOTTOM: (L-R) Henry, Naima, Will, Maddi

Sicily, 10 from Devon
Sicily’s love for baking started when she first licked the bowl of her Nanny’s chocolate fudge cake – she’s not looked back since.

Toby, 13 from Cambridge
Toby’s mum and eldest sister have taught him a lot about baking and have encouraged his passion for flavour.

Zack, 13 from Leeds
Zack was taught to be bake by his Mum and his Grandma from a young age but now he uses the internet to hone his skills.

Safiyyah, 14 from Reading
Safiyyah is a laidback baker and uses her creativity and travelling experience to inspire her creations.

Henry, 11 from Hertfordshire
Henry loves being in the kitchen with his mum and received his first cookery book when he was just four years old.

Naima, 10 from South London
Naima first bake at her Nan’s house when she asked to make vanilla sponge cakes instead of joining in the fun family games.

Will, 12 from West Yorkshire
Will’s Nan first taught him to bake but nowadays he relies upon online videos to teach himself ambitious creations.

Maddi, 14 from Gateshead
Maddi’s Grandma first taught her to bake with the help a traditional cookbook – she started to take baking more seriously after getting “some baking bits” for Christmas.


Junior Bake Off starts Monday, 11 January at 5PM and continues Monday to Fridays at 5PM on Channel 4.

You can catch up and watch episodes online via the All4 Player.

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