I'm A Celebrity: Giovanna Fletcher becomes new camp leader

The trial consisted of two tunnels, one on top of the other. Hollie and Shane had to use a single bucket and work as a team to transfer water through the tunnels and into the collection pipes. Once they had enough water in the collection pipes, the stars would float up and they could collect them. Only stars in their star bag at the end of time counted. Six stars were up for grabs, each worth two meals for camp. They were told as time went on the trial would get harder, that it would last 12 minutes and that they would not be alone in the tunnels. Shane went into the top tunnel to collect the water, Hollie the lower tunnel to collect the bucket and pour it into the pipes. The pair kept talking to each other as they worked out how to get the bucket to each other. Hollie said: “Let’s go Shane, come on Shane let’s go, we’ve got this! Just keep filling it [the bucket] as much as possible. Hurry up, I haven’t got all day!” The bucket’s chain caused the pair issues by getting caught, as well as water spillages. As Shane’s trousers got pulled lower during the trial, Dec joked: “Alfie’s moon.” Hollie: “It was tough.” Shane: “We made it tougher.” The pair got two stars, totalling four meals for camp. Shane said: “We set a precedent, this is the first one when we’ve kind of dropped the ball.”

Giovanna Fletcher beame the new I'm A Celebrity camp leader in tonight's episode.

In this evening's show, Victoria announced that Giovanna would be the new camp leader after a public vote.


Giovanna said: “This is a bit of a surprise. I’ll be honest, I’ve been eying up that chair – that football scarf can do one as now I’m in town.”

Giovanna chose Beverley to be her deputy.

Bev said: “I’m thrilled to be deputy. I’m really honoured that she chose me.”

They divvied up the camp chores putting Vernon and Vic on cooking duties, camp maintenance is Mo and Shane, camp cleaners Jordan and Hollie, laundry Ruthie and Russell and washing up Jess and AJ.

Speaking in the Telegraph AJ said: “If you do a job too well you get given a job, don’t you? I’m happy with my role. Yeah, I don’t know why I’m talking high pitched, but I’m happy.”


Jordan in the Telegraph added: “I’m actually feeling better that I’ve actually got something to do and I’m not just sitting their bone idle.”

Previously on washing up duties, Shane jokingly threw his tin on the floor after finishing his meal, but put it in the bucket for cleaning afterwards.

Also on tonight's show, Shane played a wind-up game on some of his fellow campmates.

In the Telegraph Shane explained the gag: “You just talk all these words and just give one buzzword. Christie said, ‘Shane please don’t do that in there because it’s annoying.’ But it makes me laugh. I said I’m going to do it to Jordan later.”

Jordan was left completely confused as Shane kept dropping the word ‘policeman’ into nonsensical sentences saying: “What are you on about? I have no idea what you’re going on about.”

Jordan in the Telegraph said: “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if it’s me because I’m a bit tired today.”

Shane later tried the same trick with Giovanna.

Giovanna said: “You’re winding us up.”


Continuing the gag Shane said: “You’re winding me up because you were there.”

I'm A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV.

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