Jordan North reveals the usual way he prepared for I'm A Celebrity

Jordan North

Jordan North has revealed the unusual (and painful) way he prepared for his time on I'm A Celebrity.

Radio 1 DJ Jordan is one of twelve celebs on this year's line up.


In tonight's episode, Jordan revealed that he had received a painful chest and back wax before starring on the show.

He shared with the other campers: "Before I came in here, for the first time I got a wax. I've never felt pain like it.

"I got my chest and my back done. She's doing my chest and I'm screaming and she's going ssshhhh I have clients downstairs.

"It got that bad, I was screaming that much you know that pasting sticks that they use to put it on, she put it in my mouth and went here bite this."

Vernon Kay reacted: "Now you know what Jordan's like. He doesn't like anything. He's scared of anything and everything and for him to personally volunteer to go and get a waxing.

"Obviously, no one told him what it would involve because knowing Jordan he wouldn't have done it. You can just imagine Jordan lay on the table."


Jordan added "I knew I needed to leave home when my mum was veeting my back and we couldn't find the scraper so she rang my dad at work and she just used an old Blockbuster card and I knew there and then I need to move out."

"I had to buy aloe vera cream and everything. Never again will I have a wax."

Elsewhere tonight, the ladies returned to camp after losing the live trial and Victoria was not happy, she was annoyed with herself as she had wanted to do better at her Trial.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly on ITV.


New episodes of I’m A Celebrity…The Daily Drop hosted by Vick Hope will be on the ITV Hub from 6am daily.

Picture: ITV

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