Ibiza Weekender 2020 cast and spoilers from the new series

Ibiza Weekender season 6 air date and cast Instagram usernames

Ibiza Weekender 2020 cast

Ibiza Weekender is back for a brand new series in 2020 - here's all you need to know.

From when it airs on TV and who's on the cast, here's your full guide to Ibiza Weekender series 6.

Ibiza Weekender 2020 follows a lively group of new and returning holiday reps as they give their guests the time of their lives on this renowned holiday island.

With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series will capture all of the drama and reality as it unfolds. Expect high jinks, outrageous nights out and dramas around the clock.

Ibiza Weekender cast

Those on the cast will include head Rep David (El Jefe, ‘the boss’ in Spanish) together with regular reps Jordan Davies, Callum Izzard, Tasha (Tash) Kiran an Chloe Chaloner.

Series 6 will introduce two new reps: Welsh Riva Vatsaloo and London joker Jaden Richards.

Here's where to follow the reps on social media with their Instagram and Twitter usernames:

Instagram: @davidweekender
Twitter: @DavidWeekender

Jordan Davies
Instagram: @jordanweekender
Twitter: @JordanWeekender

Chloe Chaloner
Instagram: @chloeweekender_
Twitter: @chloeweekender_

Instagram: @tashweekender
Twitter: @TashWeekender

Callum Izzard
Instagram: @callumweekender
Twitter: @CallumWeekender

Instagram: @rivaweekender
Twitter: @rivaweekender

Instagram: @jadenweekender
Twitter: @jadenweekender

Ibiza Weekender air date and spoilers

Ibiza Weekender continues its new series on Sunday, February 9 2020 at 10:05PM on ITV2 straight after Love Island. Episodes continue weekly on Sunday nights.

In tonight's fourth episode, it's the start of another explosive weekend on the White Isle of Ibiza - and with El Jefe putting pressure on Callum and Tash to come clean over their secret - it’s not just the party that’s about to go off.

Callum remains determined to keep his dirty secret hidden from Riva, but as she is starting to question his interest in her it looks like one way or another it might be the end of the road for them. Tash, meanwhile, is starting to feel more strongly over Jaden and wants to come clean before it’s too late for anything to progress. It’s not exactly the harmony David was hoping for in the team with new guests coming.

Chloe is hoping to move on from her own Callum drama and the hot boy guests provide her with the perfect distraction – especially super ripped and keen Josh. With the girl guests arriving it is time to kick the party into action. A resurgent Riva leads the way, putting Callum in his place over his flaky feelings and then on a cracking night out. Josh and Chloe have no complaints as they end the night together.

The next morning Tash convinces Callum the time has come – she needs to be honest. Tash tells Chloe, who puts on a brave face but is soon finding comfort in the arms of David. Callum tells Jaden, who is more successful in holding his brave face and he and Tash wonder where it leaves them. Riva though is still totally in the dark.

With all the drama around the reps, Jordan takes charge and ensures the guests have a great night out. But once back at the hotel and guests put to bed, Riva unsuccessfully tries to get into bed with Jaden, while out of nowhere, Chloe has a kiss with Callum in front of Jordan, before taking it upon herself to tell Riva what Callum did with Tash.

The guests leave, pleased with a fun weekend and none the wiser to the rep dramas. David though is exasperated. He wants it all done with now otherwise someone will be going home - and enforces a sex ban on the reps. Not to be left out, Riva finds her voice and publicly calls out Callum for what he is.

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