I'm A Celebrity's Myles, Andy, Kate and Nadine compete epic challenge for care packages

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Four I’m A Celebrity stars have competed an epic day-long challenge to win care packages for camp.

In tonight’s show, Myles Stephenson, Andrew Whyment, Kate Garraway, Nadine Coyle went sent on a mission out of camp to win the group’s care packages.


The packages contained treats include chocolate, a note from home and a picture

At the start of the trial joked: “I sense if we do get it people are going to be really happy because it’s now day 765 in the jungle and people are going crazy.”

Kate, Myles, Andy and Nadine set off in the helicopter for the first challenge. When they landed they found a laminate that said: “Scattered across the Australian bush are 12 care packages, each of you are responsible for 3 packages and it is up to you to decide whose you play for.”

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They quickly collected their compasses, and climbing equipment. They sprinted to the first challenge, a vertiginous and rocky cliff edge. Suspended high above the jungle floor were the first four named packages, they paired up and then had to abseil over the cliff to retrieve the packages.

Nadine played for Adele’s, Kate chose James, Myles went for Andrew and Andy decided to go for Ian’s.


Kate successfully retrieved the package and was relieved when she hit the ground. She then guided a squealing Nadine down the cliff. She was followed by Andy and then finally a struggling Myles. The fabulous four were thrilled with their efforts. “It could have gone horribly wrong but luckily we made it down,” said Myles.

The four celebrities arrived at a crossroads where they had to pair up with each pair heading in the opposite direction. They paired up with Andy and Kate going one way and Nadine and Myles going the other.

Andy and Kate reached a creek where they saw a boat. They got in it and it promptly filled with water so they decided to ditch that and swim down the creek. There they found a map and a walkie talkie.

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Meanwhile, Nadine and Myles found themselves in a field where there were two spades and another walkie talkie. It spluttered into action and they heard Kate on the other end. She had to direct Nadine and Myles using a compass to where she thought four of the care packages were hidden.

It took a while for them to get the hang of it, with Kate giving directions and Nadine and Myles digging. After a few false starts, they found Caitlyn’s care package. First one down, they soon got the hang of it and retrieved Cliff’s Jacqueline’s and Roman’s care packages leaving them free to head to the next challenge.

Reuniting the four were told: “Suspended above the river in front of you are the final four care packages. One by one you must walk along the wire to retrieve the care packages using the ropes as your support.

“You should now each chose the celebrity whose care package you will play for. You can have a maximum of two attempts to retrieve your chosen care package.”


It was only their own care packages that were left to retrieve and Kate commented “It takes the pressure off a bit because at least if you can’t do it you’re only losing your own thing. You’re not losing someone else’s because we’re all desperate to get out hands on it.”

Kate went first and slowly stepped out over the water on the tightrope. She wobbled and gingerly walked slowly towards her care package that was suspended above her head. She finally could grab it and she fell into the water victorious.

Next up was Nadine. She confidently walked out and easily retrieved the package.

Andy was next. He was very wobbly having previously confessed that he couldn’t balance. The others cheered him along and he finally could reach his package, grabbed it and fell into the water.

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That left four minutes for Myles to get his. He started strongly but started to wobble, at one point nearly falling. But he held on tight, regained his balance and finally reached his care package.

Mission accomplished. They retrieved all 12 care packages.


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.

Alongside the main show, Extra Camp airs on ITV2 straight after each episode.

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