I'm A Celebrity 2019: Tearful Jacqueline Jossa smashes 'Crevice' Trial with Ian Wright

Actress overcame emotions to help footballer score full house in underground challenge

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Jacqueline Jossa overcame her emotions to score a full house with Ian Wright in a scary underground Bushtucker Trial on I'm A Celebrity.

At the end of last night's show, viewers saw Jacqueline immediately break down in tears on hearing that she and Ian would battle for food.


The group rallied round in support, with Andrew Maxwell claiming: "There is literally nothing you can say that will make her feel better."

Pondering about the outside world, Jacqueline mused: "You worry and think, 'why are people voting me?'

"There’s only so much you can do, I hope I don’t break."

The actress was at least happy she wasn't facing the Trial alone, with Ian doing his best to boost morale.

"We’ll do our best because we’re South London, so we’ll have a go at it," he vowed.

The pair arrived at the 'Crevice of Cruelty', where Ant and Dec explained there were two underground tunnels, one above the other.


The person in the lower tunnel had to unlock stars and feed them to their companion in the upper tunnel, with each successful transfer counting as one meal for camp.

As always, there was a variety of jungle critters and hazards to make the job even tougher.

Ian braved the lower tunnel, which was filled with water, leaving him only a narrow gap to catch his breath.

In the first section, he was joined by yabbies, while Jacqueline squealed as stinging green ants crawled over her.

They moved on to their second sections, which contained toads and crickets and mealworms respectively.

"Come on Ian, I'm the Tomb Raider here," joked Jacqueline as the pair secured their fourth star.

The EastEnders star got a fright when she entered chamber three and encountered one of her worst nightmares, spiders.


"Come on Jac, you can do this man," encouraged Ian as he came face-to-face with water dragons.

The BBC pundit had to move two stars through a cage to release them, a tricky task that left Jacqueline waiting.

"I don't want to be in here," she squealed in wait before finally collecting the tokens.

Section four saw Ian use a magnet to retrieve three stars as he manouvered around water pythons.

Desperate to escape the cockroaches surrounding her, Jacqueline tried to move on early, with Ian having to call her back.

In the final part, Ian swerved crocodiles to obtain the last three stars, while Jacqueline timidly navigated around carpet pythons to collect them.

Seeking a quick exit, the former hastily climbed out of his tunnel - but had to go back down when he realised he'd left the latter behind.

Finally, the triumphant campmates emerged from the depths, having won all twelve meals available.

With the ordeal behind her, Jacqueline seemed more upbeat. "I almost enjoyed some parts, it’s so surreal," she admitted.

"You’re in a tunnel with Ian Wright and he’s going ‘arghhh’."

Meanwhile, the footballer was full of praise for his teammate. "I’ll sleep really well now because I know I brought it home, I done it," he commented.


"My Jackie helped me through that, she’s one of the strongest women I know."

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV. Extra Camp follows straight after the main show on ITV2.

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