I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqueline Jossa, Myles Stephenson win six meals at Snake Hotel

Pair sent to the Jailhouse after facing latest Bushtucker Trial

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Jacqueline Jossa and Myles Stephenson took six meals to the Jailhouse after winning I’m A Celebrity 2019’s latest Bushtucker Trial.

Last night, Ant and Dec announced to the campmates that viewers had chosen Jacqueline to face the scary challenge.


“I didn’t think it was going to be me,” she reacted. “It’s just so much pressure and I don’t work well under pressure.”

In a twist, she then had to pick one celeb to accompany her, opting for Myles.

However, the pair were not told the Trial’s name, ‘Snake Hotel’ – leaving them with no idea about what it involved.

They were also unaware that they would not return to main camp. After bosses again split the celebs in to opposing camps, they would instead join the inmates in the Jailhouse.

Soon, they arrived at the Wild West-style ‘Ol’ Dingo Town’, the most expensive Trial set in I’m A Celebrity history, where Ant and Dec revealed all.

Myles was to lie in a trunk on Snake Hotel’s veranda, where he could win one of six stars on offer, each representing a meal for camp.


Meanwhile, Jacqueline would search the hotel for the remaining five stars, before entering a narrow tunnel to collect the three keys that would release Myles and vaildate his star.

As their ten-minute time limit began, Myles worked to release his star from the roof of the trunk.

The Rak-Su singer completed the task with little fuss, leaving him to endure the snakes slithering over his body and through his hair.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline began investigating the hotel, which unsurprisingly was filled with even more serpents.

She found her first two stars in suitcases filled with critters, before entering one of the bedrooms.

To her horror, the EastEnders actress found a python underneath a pillow, but picked up the star it was guarding.

She then collected her fourth and fifth stars from the wardrobe and a chest at the end of the bed.


Myles did his best to offer support, shouting: “I’m proud of you!”

With time running out, Jacqueline entered the snake-infested tunnel via a trapdoor in the bedroom, retrieving the three keys.

She then ran out to the veranda, managing to unlock Myles with seconds to spare.

“You don’t know how much I’m sweating,” gasped Jacqueline as they hugged.

Ant and Dec confirmed that they’d won all six meals, but they had another devious trick up their sleeves.

The new outlaws had to choose whether to send the food back to Snake Rock, or take it with them to the Jailhouse.


Struggling with the dilemma, a game of rock, paper, scissors decided that the prisoners would eat – a result that didn’t go down well in main camp.

I’m A Celebrity continues every night at 9.00pm on ITV.

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