I'm A Celebrity 2018 fans upset James McVey and Nick Knowles didn't get care packages

Bosses also ridiculed for giving celebs letters from home after a WEEK

I'm A Celebrity 2018 viewers are upset James McVey and Nick Knowles didn't get the care packages they worked to win - while some have blasted the show for giving celebs letters from home after a WEEK.

Last night's episode saw James, Nick and Anne Hegerty given the chance to win the celebs packages containing a message from their loved ones and luxury treats.


They earned eight out of eleven packages, with one automatically going to Noel Edmonds due to his role as Emperor.

With the help of advisor Harry Redknapp, Noel also had to decide which other campmates would be rewarded.

Harry graciously agreed to sit out - but the pair came in for criticism on social media after deciding to snub James and Nick, even though it was their efforts that won the packages.

Fans felt particularly sorry for James, as he's been stuck on basic rations for most of his time in camp.

"Honestly feel so bad for James and Nick," wrote one Twitter user, while another observed that they "looked heartbroken".

Others bemoaned James's misfortune, pointing out he's "had one proper meal for a full week".


However, some viewers thought it was ridiculous that ANY of the contestants were getting packages.

Bosses were also blasted on social media for letting celebs hear from their friends and family after just SIX DAYS.

In Noel's case, he was granted the precious contact just ONE DAY after his late arrival.

While letters from home are a signature reality show trope, they're usually featured at the end of a series, after contestants have spent weeks in isolation.

"It's a bit soon for letters from home isn't it?" asked one tweeter, with another adding: "Don’t understand why they got them so quickly."

Telly presenter Jamie East quipped: "6 days? Have this lot never been on holiday?!"

Even former I'm A Celeb star Sam Quek was confused, wondering: "Has #ImACeleb gone soft?"


It is currently unclear if or when Harry, James and Nick will get another chance to win their packages.

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly at 9.00pm on ITV.

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