I'm A Celebrity: Nick Knowles rescues Harry Redknapp from a shrew

shrew im a celeb 1

The I'm A Celebrity campers got a shocked by a shrew in tonight's show.

As the campers settled down to bed, Emperor Noel Edmonds noticed something at the end of his curtain in the Roman Palace.


Advisor Harry Redknapp looked and said “What the f*** is that Noel?!” he looked again and said “I don’t like the look of that.”

He then called Nick Knowles up to take a look.

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Nick said “I was disturbed as I was going to bed and I was called in by the Emperor and his co Emperor for pest control.”

Nick identified it as a little shrew. Emperor Noel and Nick were fine to leave it there but Advisor Harry didn’t want to sleep with the shrew so Nick took control and safely released the shrew back into the Jungle, he was convinced the shrew looked back at him to say goodbye.

Later on in the night Advisor Harry woke up with cramp in his leg.

Emperor Noel got out of his bed to help Advisor Harry by massaging his feet and leg, Emperor Noel laughed at the image of himself and Advisor Harry in their pants giving him a massage.


Rita then asked Emperor Noel if he felt at home in camp yet, Noel replied “Absolutely, I just think you’re all fantastic.”

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Emperor Noel said “There are great people here, I was a little apprehensive they wouldn’t make me feel welcome but it’s great and I love everybody and I can’t wait to have more chats.”

Emperor Noel added, “I’m so thrilled to meet different people, I always used to say how privileged I was doing Deal or No Deal because I got to meet people I would never meet.”

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Emily said “I always watched Noel on the telly, Noel’s so cute in real life, he has a fluffy bear head.”

Sair told the camp a story about a chatty taxi driver she once had and she thought he was going to ask her about Coronation Street but actually all he wanted to know was why she had a low Uber rating.

The camp laughed and Harry looked up and asked “What’s an Uber rating?”

Nick told a story about how he was filming near a canal and a man walked up to him and asked if he was Nick Knowles and when Nick confirmed he was the man said ‘Do you know what, I can’t bear you on TV, in fact nor can my wife, we have to turn the TV off when you come on’.


Nick said ‘I told him well you can’t please everyone’ and the man said ‘lovely to meet me’ and walked off.

I'm A Celebrity 2018 continues nightly on ITV at 9PM.

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