Love Island 2018 spoiler: Georgia Steel FUMING with Josh Denzel

Isn't happy with what she's seen

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Georgia Steel is left raging after finding out about Josh Denzel's antics in the second Love Island 2018 villa tonight.

In tonight's show, the girls are left rocked by a video message from the boys' villa, where they have been hanging out with six new girls.


The girls watch the video again and Georgia notices Josh jumping on the bed excitedly after a girl walks out of the room.

In the Beach Hut, she says: “I’m fuming.”

Georgia shows the new boys the video and questions what it means that Josh is getting excited about the other girl. She storms off before Laura goes to speak to her.


Georgia says to Laura: “He was frustrated because there was another girl in that villa that he fancies and he doesn’t know what to do. I have been loyal the whole time I’ve been in here because I fancy Josh and I see a future with Josh. Why is he not being loyal to me?”

In the Beach Hut, Georgia says: “I’ve been loyal to him the whole time I’ve been in here and then he’s thrusting like that. Get a bloody grip!”

Over in Casa Amor, Sam and Ellie are speaking to Josh and Kazimir Crossley and teasing them about their matching yellow swimsuits.


Kazimir jokes, “It was meant to be.”

They talk about the girls in the main villa and who might be cracking on with the new boys.

Josh says: “Georgia might, maybe. My head is saying she won’t but my heart is saying I hope she is.”

Later, Georgia talks to Dani about the clip of Josh: “I’ve not batted an eyelid at any guy in a relationship kind of way because I am falling for him, I am.”

Dani says: “Me and Jack are boyfriend and girlfriend, he is my boyfriend. I have been so committed to that boy. As soon as the boys walked in, I was not interested. I’ve got a boyfriend, I’m very happy. That is it. I basically love the kid, I honestly do. Every time I see him I’m like ‘fit.’”

Georgia says: “We’ve turned into melts!”

Later, new boy Jordan is talking to Georgia about the video from Casa Amor and Josh’s reaction to the other girl in Casa Amor.

He says: “If he likes you, why would he do that?”

Georgia says: “I feel like sometimes boys can be boys. When you came in here, you were completely my type and I even said to the girls, ‘he is so fit’ however because I can’t talk to Josh about how I feel, I’ve got to go with the loyalty trait and that is what I carry with me through thick and thin.”

Jordan speaks to Georgia.
Jordan speaks to Georgia.

Jordan quizzes: “Say he did bring another girl back, how would you react to that?”

Georgia responds: “I really don’t know. I can see a future with him.”


In the Beach Hut, Georgia admits: “Jordan makes my head turn but Josh makes my head spin.”

Love Island 2018 airs at 9PM on ITV2.

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