Love Island's Charlie Frederick and Hayley Hughes reunite and it's super awkward

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Charlie Frederick and Hayley Hughes reunited on Love Island’s After Sun tonight and it was super awkward.

It follows the pair being evicted from the villa together on Friday night.

Charlie & Hayley and Alex & Samira were put up for the public vote on Thursday after each of the couples nominated two other pairs in private.

In Friday evening’s show, host Caroline Flack dropped in to reveal the twist – and the results of the public vote.

Appearing on ITV2 spin-off Aftersun on Sunday, things got awkward as they spoke to host Caroline.

Love Island 2018 results
Love Island 2018 results

“I think the only thing we have in common is maybe the same colour hair,” Hayley quipped.

“Me and Charlie are done,” she added before branding him “bitter”.

Meanwhile, Charlie blamed Haley for his exit.

“I do blame Hayley she just needed to give it a go instead of being a fridge freezer,” he said.

Charlie claimed he’d still be in the villa were it not for her.

Speaking about his exit, Charlie said: “I am gutted about leaving the villa, I would love to still be in there with the boys. I do feel a bit hard done by in that sense, I don’t feel it was my time to go at all I feel like I just got unlucky and invested my time wrong.

“I can understand why the Islanders voted me and Hayley as less compatible because obviously we weren’t compatible. She is not compatible. I feel like I am a compatible person. I wanted someone to be with me but she wasn’t ready for that I don’t think. The same thing happened with Eyal.

Love Island hayley charlie
Love Island hayley charlie

“Knowing what I know now, 100 per cent I would have looked elsewhere but I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I did fancy her. I was trying to crack on with Hayley but I don’t feel like I was getting anything back.”

He went on to accuse Hayley of playing a game: “I wouldn’t have gone for Hayley if I would have known she was playing a game. I still fancied her, she is an attractive girl. If we were doing the recoupling again, I would have liked Megan or Georgia to pick me or Rosie. We all fancied each other.”

But Hayley insisted: “I went in there and I was true to myself and my feelings and I wasn’t going to fake my feelings to stay in there. I took risks.”

Love Island 2018 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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