First Survival Of The Fittest finalists CONFIRMED ahead of Friday's final

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Four Survival Of The Fittest contestants have been confirmed for the final on Friday night.

Tuesday saw two contestants sent home but the pressure isn't over for those that remain.


In Wednesday's episode, Hayley got a message which she reads aloud to the Girls.

David got the same message which he reads aloud to the Boys.

“Boys and Girls, to win Survival of the Fittest you must have the strongest team possible. You must now decide which two members of your team are the strongest. Those two team members will be guaranteed a place in the Final.”

The Boys agonise over their decision.
The Boys agonise over their decision.

The Girls and Boys were shocked that for two of them, their fate has been put in their hands.

“We have to decide?” Sam gasped.

“It’s made me feel so sick… We all came here to be here until the very end,” Jenny said.


Mariam added: “My heart just dropped.”

“I don’t even want to decide,” Sam said.

Mettisse told the Girls: “We are all here and as much as we are here for ourselves we are here for the Girls and want the Girls to win so we do need to view this as, we need to keep the Girls in who are going to win it for the Girls. If that results in one of us going home, it’s sad but… we need the Girls to win.”

The Girls had a difficult decision to make as they go through and decide between them which two of them deserve to be in the Final.

The Boys were just as rocked by this message as they paced the floor trying to make a decision.

James said: “That is a joke.”

Warren said: “You’ve all got your individual strengths and weaknesses, everyone has got weaknesses.”

James said: “In my mind I’m trying to think what strengths might be more important than others. It’s so hard.”

The Boys announce their decision
The Boys announce their decision

Tristan said: “I can’t pick.”

In the Tree House, Warren admitted: “Do I vote tactically and strategically or do I vote who I’ve got best relations with? I’m here to win the money.”

After spending a LOT of time thinking, The Girls and Boys finally gathered in their teams to reveal to each other who they had chosen to go through to the Final.


Jenny West, Warren Phillips, Tristan Jones and Mettisse have all been given a free pass to the final by their team mates!

Survival of the Fittest continues nightly on ITV2. The final airs Friday night.

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