Survival Of The Fittest results as one more girl is sent home

Who left Survival Of The Fittest tonight?

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One more girl has been evicted from Survival Of The Fittest 2018 in tonight’s results.

The Boys won the latest challenge on Sunday night, and it gave them the power to decide which two Girls had to fight for survival.

They put forward Lottie James and Georgia Cole, who tonight faced the Survival Challenge.

And it was Lottie James who was eliminated from the competition.

The Challenge took place on beams high above a waterhole. At each end there was a sand timer. The aim of the Challenge was to keep both sand timers running for as long as possible. To do this, Georgia and Lottie had to travel along the beams, turning the timers at each end before they run out of sand.

the Challenge.
the Challenge.

The game was played over three rounds, the best of three wins. The winner of the Challenge kept their place in the Girls’ team and remained in The Lodge. The loser had to leave immediately.

After the challenge, Georgia was declared the victor leaving Lottie to say her goodbyes and head home.

Speaking tonight after her exit, Lottie said: “Looking back on my time in The Lodge, I feel so lucky to have been there and had that experience. Obviously I had some ups and downs. When I was down, I was very down. When I was up, I was very up. I think the challenges were harder than I expected.

“It was all a massive learning curve and looking back, I know it’s going to make me a stronger person. The Lodge was absolutely beautiful and I’m going to miss it. Even going down for breakfast and seeing a monkey on the table – it was absolutely breathtaking!”

She continued: “I loved everyone there, we became a good family. I felt a very close connection with Warren and I don’t regret anything with him because he was so amazing. I can’t wait to see him on the outside. I feel gutted to have left Sam because me and her clicked straight away.

“Obviously I’ve got my favourites out of the Girls and I’d say Jenny, Mettisse and Sam were my favourites. We bonded really well. On the Survival Challenge, I could see the real Georgia when she cried and was upset that I was going which was nice to see. I think all of the Boys were such amazing characters.”


Saying she was ‘rooting for the girls’, Lottie added: “I hope my legacy will be that people could see the true me and learn that it’s okay to be upset and to keep your head held high.

“I don’t agree with being nasty, I don’t agree with confrontation but I do agree with speaking your mind and how you feel, taking into account other people’s feelings. I just hope I’ve taught a few girls some lessons.”

Survival Of The Fittest continues nightly on ITV2.

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