Survival Of The Fittest reveals a shock new twist as girls face axe

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One more Survival Of The Fittest contestant faces the chop following a new twist.

In Sunday’s show, Sam got a message: “Boys and Girls in one hour you will all battle it out in the next Team Challenge. This Team Challenge is called ‘In a Spin’ and one member of the losing Team will be replaced.”

In this challenge, each team member had a specific role. Two members of each team were strapped to a giant spinner. One had to grab a ball and drop it to their team mate who was on the spinner opposite them. They had to catch it and pass it on.

Two more members of the team were in the middle of the course with nets to catch the balls and pass them on again. A fifth member was on a platform with a net to collect the balls and put them in the crates.

The final members of each team operated a water cannon to try and distract the opposition.

he Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.

In the Tree House, James says: “The aim of the game was to get as many of our Team coloured balls from the ball pit into our basket within the time limit.”

The Girls were desperate to maintain their winning streak but they lost to the Boys who got more balls in their crates.

That’s left the girls facing the axe, but with a new twist.

Survival Of The Fittest host Laura Whitmore entered The Lodge in an unexpected visit…

Laura explained to the Girls and Boys that the girls were now vulnerable and one person from that losing Team will be replaced.

However, this time there is NO public vote.

Instead, the boys team were given the opportunity to pick two members from the girls team who will compete against each other for their place. Only the winner of that Survival Challenge will return to The Lodge. The Loser will not return to The Lodge and will be Replaced.

Boys when Laura comes in.
Boys when Laura comes in.

The boys chose to put Lottie James and Georgia Cole up against one another following drama in the lodge involving the girls.

Following all the drama in The Lodge, how will this Survival Challenge go down, who will return to The Lodge and avoid being Replaced?

Survival of the Fittest continues Monday at 9PM on ITV2.

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