Play Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel at home with new board game

You can play the iconic BBC TV show at home with Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel Board Game available now!

For two or more players, Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel Board Game is for sale now here.

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The game is recommended for those aged 10 and up.

Step into the whirlwind excitement of this board game adaptation inspired by the BBC One sensation, The Wheel!

Now, you become the contestant, racing to conquer your set of seven questions and reach the elusive End Game, where one final question could secure your victory.

Whether you want to compete individually or form teams to pool your expertise across a diverse range of question categories, the choice is yours.

Select your preferred seven categories from a rich selection of 14 subjects and strategically place these cards around the rim of The Wheel.

With a substantial offering of 532 category questions and 39 End Game questions, the game promises hours of engaging gameplay.

The Wheel Board Game layout

At the heart of the experience lies a substantial 20cm mechanical spinning wheel, featuring a distinctive push-down mechanism.

Simply spin the contestant spinner board to determine which player or team takes the spotlight for their chance at glory.

Meanwhile strong>Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel Board continues on TV on Saturday night with its new series.

On the TV show, celebrity guests attempt to help members of the public win big cash prizes..

Every episode features three contestants with high hopes of answering their way to a life-changing fortune. Their journey is aided by the wisdom of seven celebrity experts, but whether these famous faces can help them secure the cash of their dreams all comes down to the spin of The Wheel.

You can watch episodes online on BBC One on Saturday nights or catch up online via BBC iPlayer.

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