Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Lord Sugar – watch online

Watch Piers Morgan's Life Stories online - Lord Sugar, Episode 5 (June 22)

The fifth episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories aired on Saturday (June 22) on ITV with Lord Sugar.

The new series concluded this weekend with Lord Sugar the last on this year’s line up of superstar guests.

In each episode of the new extraordinary series, Piers delves into the lives and minds of those in the hot seat, all of whom have enjoyed lengthy careers under the glare of the media spotlight.

In Saturday’s episode, Lord Sugar joined his ‘frenemy’ Piers Morgan for an amusing and revealing look back at his remarkable life and career.

The billionaire businessman and star of The Apprentice discussed his wealth, how he lost £90m last year and reacted to being called ‘a small timer’ by President Trump.

He reflected on his teenage years, where he was labelled ‘a shy unsociable git’, the death threats he received during his tenure as chairman of Tottenham Hotspur and how, on leaving the club, he experienced a ‘mini nervous breakdown’ while fighting a libel case.

The episode also included a rare contribution from Rupert Murdoch and Lord Sugar revealed the satellite dishes his company, AMSTRAD, made for Sky customers were initially modelled on dustbin lids.

Other guests appearing in the series include Sir Michael Parkinson, Mel B, Football Manager and I’m a Celebrity’s current King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp and one of televisions most talked about entertainers Michael Barrymore.

Watch Piers Morgan’s Life Stories online

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs on ITV on Saturday nights.

You can catch up on Lord Sugar on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories via the ITV Hub HERE or via Amazon Prime HERE.

Speaking about his interview with Lord Sugar, Piers Morgan said: “I’ve tried for ten years to get Lord Sugar to do Life Stories but he’s always bottled it.

“Now we’re going to finally get it on, and I predict fireworks. With his late addition, I think this new series is now officially the best line-up we’ve ever had.”

Lord Sugar added: “I know he’ll try to make me cry but he’s got more chance of becoming Pope. Morgan talks a great game but can’t walk it, as viewers will discover with this interview.”