Phoenix Rise album released to accompany BBC TV series


An album featuring music from BBC TV series Phoenix Rise has been released!

Phoenix Rise – The Album is the original soundtrack from the critically acclaimed coming of age drama which returned this week for a second series to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Phoenix Rise tracks the journey of a band of youthful outsiders who, after facing exclusion from school, venture back into the realm of mainstream education. Amid this process, they forge unexpected bonds, mastering the intricate landscape of school life.

At its core, this drama revolves around the themes of friendship, the pangs of first love, and the intricate dynamics of family relationships. It delves deep into the multifaceted challenges of school existence, grappling with issues related to mental health, and the perpetual external pressures that weigh upon them.

The album is available to stream from all major platforms online here.

Tali Walters, Production Creative Director, Kids & Family Live Action said: “Music plays a vital role in this coming-of-age show, often mirroring the inner thoughts of characters on screen. In a uniquely collaborative process, we provided scripts and early cuts of the show to the local artists to allow them to create this completely original soundtrack.”

Creators and Executive Producers Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans added: “Coventry has a rich musical heritage that celebrates the city’s cultural mix. We really wanted to encapsulate those sounds and that energy in the Phoenix Rise soundtrack. We were so excited to get the opportunity to work with new and emerging talent from across the Midlands to produce a soundtrack that captures the vibrancy and diversity of the show.”

Music Producer, Faron Forbes, added: “Myself and the artists are all from Coventry and we produced the tracks from start to finish, which made the process that little more special, being able to enjoy it with the people I started this musical journey with was a wicked experience, it feels like we’ve all won.

“I believe there’s a lot of really talented artists in and around Coventry who need a lot more attention, the rap scene in Coventry is super diverse as well so there’s definitely an artist for everybody. The Phoenix Rise project has definitely been my proudest moment as a musician.”

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