Patsy Field spills all on Love Island after surprise exit


Patsy Field has expressed sadness about leaving the Love Island Villa, reflected on her connections with other contestants, and backed Nicole and Ciaran to reach the final.

How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

I’m sad to be leaving the girls, I formed such great connections with the girls in the Villa. We were belly laughing every single day. There’s some really good connections in there at the moment and I really hope they blossom. Everyone in there deserves a fair shot at love and I’m sure it will definitely go that way for them.

You were dumped as a result of your fellow Islanders decisions, were you shocked the boys picked you?

I wasn’t shocked the boys picked me but I’m gutted it happened that way, if the girls got to pick I would probably still be in there but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

You were coupled up with Munveer, how was your experience of getting to know him in the Villa?

I had hope for our connection when it initially started, he surprised me as he wasn’t on my radar at first. I felt like it had potential to go somewhere but we’ve ended up forming a nice friendship and I respect his honesty.

You formed a good connection with Omar, how was it getting to know him?

All of our chats were very friendly, we shared lots of intimate eye contact. I feel like maybe I was once bitten, twice shy and a little bit guarded after the Munveer situation. I didn’t know if he genuinely wanted to get to know me or if it was because he was doubting his other connections. That being said, he was very attractive with his washboard abs which were very easy on the eye.

How do you feel about the representation you provided on screen during your time in the Villa?

I’m proud to be able to show people that have differences that you can do these things. You can be yourself and be confident in who you are. My advice to people is don’t shy away from amazing opportunities and let everyone know exactly who you are.

Which girls did you form the closest relationships with?

I honestly had such a strong connection with all of the girls, I loved all of them so much. I spent most of my time with Harriett and Mimii. Mimii is such a sweet soul, I’m so proud of her for putting herself first and was always there to give her a pep talk if ever she needed it.

Harriett is just so funny to be around, she is such a sassy queen and the definition of an icon.

Do you think Ronnie is better suited to Harriett or Jess?

I think he is better suited to Harriett, he’s spent more time with Jess but I think the fun of Harriett excites him.

Who are you backing to couple up and get to the final?

Nicole and Ciaran, they are made for each other. Nicole is the sweetest person ever and they suit so well, I think they will stick together and make it to the final.

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