Outnumbered kids reunite – here’s what they look like now


The Outnumbered kids have held a mini-reunion – here’s what they all look like now!

BBC One’s hit comedy series followed the family life of the Brockmans, made up of dad Pete, mum Sue and children Jake, Dan and Karen.

Outnumbered concluded its last full series back in 2014 but returned last Christmas for a one off special.

The original cast – Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner, Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez – all returned to reprise their roles for the last special which had over 4.5 million viewers on Boxing Day.

Three years on from that one-off episode and more than five years since the series finished, Ramona, Daniel and Tyger have reunited.

Ramona, who played Karen in the show, shared a picture of the trio on Instagram and captioned the snap: “Lil throwback to our lovely barbecue a week ago ? sm love

Hugh Dennis recently let slip that following that success of the family reunion in 2016, more one-off specials could be on their way.

Speaking in 2017, he said: “I doubt there will be another series but there will be more specials because that does seem to work. The special we did last year really worked.”

He told ITV’s Lorraine: “I think the key to its success is that people talk on the show the way people speak in real life – so it never feels like lines.

“The kids on the show aren’t kids now. But luckily kids tend to live at home with their parents now ’til they’re about 40 so it can still work.”

Outnumbered originator Andy Hamilton previously told The Telegraph ahead of the 2016 Xmas episode that it could pave the way for many more for many years to come.

“Our plan is to pop in every couple of years and see how the family is getting on,” explained comedian Andy. “You learn not to think too far ahead, but who knows? Many years down the line there’ll be an episode where Karen becomes a grandmother.”