The Nightly Show ‘won’t be back’ on ITV this year

ITV’s The Nightly Show won’t return to telly for a second series, it’s been reported.

The Nightly Show was ITV’s attempt at recreating American late night talk shows, particularly James Corden’s successful Late Late Show.

It aired its first series every weeknight between February and April in 2017, with a different host each week – including David Walliams, Davina McCall and Bradley Walsh.

They interviewed celebrity guests, played games with the studio audience and took part in comedy sketches.

But the show became controversial after ITV scheduled it at 10.00pm, forcing the News at Ten to move to 10.30pm.

It failed to attract viewers, with some episodes even rating below the million mark.

The Daily Mail newspaper now says that ITV won’t be bringing the series back for 2018.

“It just didn’t work,” an insider told the publication. “It was a very expensive headache for a lot of people involved and not popular with the British public.

“News At Ten will stay at 10pm, and The Nightly Show won’t be back at all.”

However, an ITV source told the tabloid that the channel hadn’t ruled out an alternative late night entertainment series.

They explained: “The station doesn’t have any plans to do The Nightly Show again but hasn’t ruled out doing something else, entertainment-wise, in a late-night slot at some point again, but if we did it wouldn’t be at 10pm.”