X Factor meets Love Is Blind in Netflix’s new reality singing series

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When it comes to love, meeting face-to-face is clearly overrated. But what about music?

Netflix’s upcoming series, provisionally titled Building the Band, is about to answer that question in the most unique way possible.

Fifty talented singers will enter this groundbreaking competition for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Their mission? To find their perfect bandmates based solely on musical compatibility, connection, and, most importantly, merit.

No looks, no style impressions, just pure talent and chemistry. They’ll be in complete control every step of the way.

But is musical chemistry enough to make them a success? What happens when the bands finally meet? How will looks, choreography, and style come into play?

Expect plenty of drama, next-level artistry, and unforgettable performances.

The new series is coming soon to Netflix.

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