Nella Rose leaves I’m A Celebrity camp to be seen by medics

Nella Rose has left the I’m A Celebrity to be seen by medics, it’s been revealed.

At the end of the latest episode, hosts Ant & Dec shared that Nella had left the camp to be with medics, seeing her ruled out of the latest trial.

It was then announced that Nigel and Nick would face the latest challenge, In Too Deep.

Nella Rose

A spokesperson for the show said Nella would be back.

They said: “For medical reasons, Nella Rose is being treated by the show’s on site medics and will be returning to camp shortly. As a result, she is exempt from the next trial”

Here’s a recap of what else happened in the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (Tuesday, 28 November).

Continuing from last night’s show, Marvin, Sam, and Tony faced an overnight challenge at The Misery Motel, where they found themselves with a unique opportunity to win up to 30 coins.

The Misery Motel

Marvin read out the instructions: “You have the chance to win up to 10 coins each…You’ll have a total of 15 minutes for all three rooms.” This challenge would allow them to purchase stars for the next night’s meal and treats for the camp from the jungle vending machine.

Marvin was first to enter his room, rummaging through lockers and storage boxes, even emptying a washing machine to find coins, all while being showered with critters. Sam cheered him on from outside, “Great dodging!” Ultimately, Marvin successfully collected all 10 coins.

Marvin Humes on I'm A Celebrity

Next, Tony tackled his room, a bathroom filled with baths, towels, and a cabinet teeming with frogs. Struggling initially, he managed to find two coins in the final seconds after Sam’s encouragement to check the cabinet again.

Sam then took on the bedroom, where he was instructed to change the bedding to find his first three coins. In a race against time, he also had to use a torch for further clues, which led him to search behind a spider-covered painting. Unfortunately, he had to abandon some coins tied up in a safe, rushing out with just a second to spare.

The trio tallied their haul to 24 out of 30 coins, with Marvin and Sam each contributing seven coins. At the jungle vending machine, they carefully considered their purchases.

Sam suggested, “I think we do all of the stars and then that stock cube for the rice, that’s [enough stock for] two meals.” They settled on five stars, stock cubes, a bar of chocolate as a treat, and an apron with their remaining coin, which Sam declared was for Fred: “An apron for Fred! Let’s do it!” Marvin exclaimed, “Fred’s going to be buzzing.”

Elsewhere in the camp, Jamie Lynn reminisced about her time growing up around Ryan Gosling and other stars on The Mickey Mouse Club. She shared, “Him, my sister, Justin [Timberlake], Christina [Aguilera]… all of them were on The Mickey Mouse Club.”

Jamie Lynn Spears on I'm A Celebrity

She also shared about living at Disney World: “I was like 3 or 4 and I was causing hell. I was really bad. They want to make a good impression, I’m in a little dress, I’m there at the stage, on my mama’s hip, ‘This is Jamie Lynn my little sister’ and I went, ‘I just farted’. They were like, ‘It never mattered where we were, you always said something to make everyone uncomfortable.’”

Jamie Lynn added: “I think it’s something I still do now. As a child you don’t know to filter yourself. And now I know how to be direct, but with a filter, if that makes any sense. But as a kid I was just very direct with no filter.”

Later, The Dreaded Beds Trial saw Frankie and Nella attempting to win more coins. They faced snakes in a dark room, trying to find codes to unlock boxes in another room. Despite their efforts and Ant’s advice, “You’ve got to try as many as you can, as quick as you can,” they ended the Trial with no coins.

Frankie later reflected, “It went in my trousers… had a look at it and went, let’s not… it went straight past and left.”

The Misery Motel guests returned to camp triumphant with their vending machine haul. Sam, revealing the items, said, “We then got some stock cubes, baby!” Josie reacted in the Bush Telegraph: “Oh my god, stock cubes. I could see Fred’s eyes welling up.”

Jamie Lynn’s tears

At the end of the day, Jamie Lynn stepped away from the group to cry after the chocolate treat, indicating her homesickness and the strain of being in the camp.

Tony, offering support, asked her, “How you doing girl?” to which she responded, “I needed a change of scenery. I was struggling earlier.”

Jamie Lynn in the Bush Telegraph said: “I just want more chocolate.”

Nella Rose in the Bush Telegraph on I'm a Celebrity

In the Bush Telegraph Tony said: “She’s just getting frustrated, she misses her kids. She’s so far away from home. It’s good to just go and ask someone how they’re doing. Just look out for each other. Everyone should have that attitude with everybody.”

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Wednesday at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX

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