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Johnny Vegas

Many viewers have been wondering who narrates Channel 4’s TV series Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping.

The voice over of the TV show is none other than actress and comedian Sian Gibson, best known for starring in and co-writing the comedy series Peter Kay’s Car Share.

She also starred alongside Johnny Vegas in Gold’s comedy TV show Murder on the Blackpool Express and its spin-offs.

Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson in Dial M for Middlesbrough

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping returns to Channel 4 this week with its brand new second series.

Johnny Vegas returns with a vision to expand his glamping empire in the new season of his show. Following the triumph of his previous venture, Field of Dreams, he’s now aiming to establish a larger, more impressive campsite.

This dream includes a collection of his characteristic saved and upcycled vehicles, alongside some exciting new finds. Johnny, with his ever-patient assistant Bev, embarks on a nationwide journey, filled with a mix of mishaps, laughter, and varying fortunes, in search of the ideal location for their next glamping haven.

The first episode sees Johnny and Bev hitting the road in pursuit of their new site. Their explorations lead them to an old racecourse in East Sussex and Jimmy Doherty’s Farm and Wildlife Park in Suffolk. There, they encounter Jimmy’s curious questions about Johnny’s business strategies.

Meanwhile, the task of clearing the Yorkshire site is underway, with the challenge of relocating Patricia and other vehicles proving as complex as their initial arrival.

Amidst these activities, Johnny dives into a new project. He teams up with Stu, a former aeronautical engineer turned furniture designer, to acquire a rundown Puma helicopter. Their plan is to transform it into a unique glamping pod. However, the Puma presents its own set of challenges, leaving Stu pondering over the logistics of its transport and renovation.

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday, 24 January 2024 at 9:00PM.

All episodes will be streaming after the first airs on TV.

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