McDonald & Dodds cast from The War of Rose episode

McDonald & Dodds The War of Rose cast and spoilers - Series 3 episode 4

McDonald & Dodds is back on ITV with a brand new episode – who’s on the cast of The War of Rose?

The War of Rose first aired on Sunday, 3 July 2022 at 8PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

It’s the third episode of the new third series of McDonald & Dodds which is made up of four stand-alone feature-length films.

McDonald & Dodds cast

The new series of McDonald & Dodds welcomes back Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins in their lead roles as DCI McDonald and DS Dodds.

The full cast of The War of Rose episode are:

Jason Watkins plays Ds Dodds
Tala Gouveia plays Dci Lauren Mcdonald
Jack Riddiford plays Dc Darren Craig

Lily Sacofsky plays Dc Milena Paciorkowski
Rosie Day plays Rose Boleyn
Sarah Parish plays Mariel Flynn

Rhashan Stone plays Al Ford
Saira Choudhry plays Alliyah
Nicholas Goh plays Jian Yang

Ganatra plays Dan Nitin
Siobhán Hewlett plays Penny
Emily Joyce plays Diane
Andrew Greenough plays Pete


McDonald & Dodds spoilers

A teaser shares of the new episode: “When lifestyle influencer, Rose Boleyn, checks into Bath’s exclusive Ford & Flynn clinic for a nose job, the worst she is expecting is some backlash from her followers.

“But when the routine procedure goes horribly wrong and Rose dies on the operating table, theclinic’s bickering, soon to be divorced owners, Al and Mariel, are thrust into the spotlight.

“In a case of social media vs reality, McDonald and Dodds must separate the fact from the fiction. Was Rose’s life really as glamorous as it looked? Or was it all an illusion?”

McDonald & Dodds currently airs Sunday evenings on ITV.

Episodes are available to watch online and catch up ITV Hub and BritBox.

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