McDonald & Dodds cast from A Billion Beats episode

McDonald & Dodds Belvedere cast and spoilers - Series 3 episode 2

McDonald & Dodds is back on ITV with a brand new episode – who’s on the cast of A Billion Beats?

A Billion Beats first aired on Sunday, 26 April 2022 at 8PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

It’s the second episode of the new third series which is made up of four stand-alone feature-length films.

McDonald & Dodds cast

The cast of series 3 sees Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins reprising their lead roles as DCI McDonald and DS Dodds.

Lily Sacofsky also returns to the show while new casting for the latest series includes Claire Skinner and Danyal Ismail.

The full cast of A Billion Beats episode are:

Daisy Bevan plays Loz Addington
Paul McGann plays Archie Addington
Bill Skinner plays Lenny Addington

Ben Batt plays Philip Henry/Ethan
Kelvin Fletcher plays Donovan Janaway
Bluey Robinson plays Gabriel George

Naoko Mori plays Leyna Masamoto
Nino Furuhata plays Joji Masamoto

John Omole plays Jules Grove
Paul Forman plays Marco Capone


McDonald & Dodds spoilers

A synopsis of the latest film shares: “McDonald and Dodds are sucked into the fast and furious world of Formula 1 after Bath’s famous motorsport dynasty, the Addingtons, report that their up-and-coming driver has died during a sub-3.5-second pit stop.

“As an F1 fan herself, McDonald won’t let patriarch and Team Coach Archie Addington run rings around her, but when a significant someone from her past gets dragged into the investigation, she’s thrown off course.

“But it’s one of Dodds’ specialisms that leads them to uncover the darker side of success and finally unravel the truth.”

McDonald & Dodds continues Sunday nights on ITV.

You can watch online with the ITV Hub and BritBox UK.