Maxine cast revealed for new Channel 5 drama

Meet the Maxine 2022 cast

Maxine is the new Channel 5 drama airing all this week – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The three-part series will be the first original true crime drama for the channel.

It will explore the investigation of school assistant Maxine Carr and her caretaker fiancé Ian Huntley, who was later imprisoned for the murder of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.


Channel 5 say the show will examine “their tumultuous relationship through Maxine’s perspective; why she lied for him and how she became public enemy No.1, as well as reflect the scale of the police investigation and subsequent media frenzy around the biggest manhunt ever seen in British history.”

Maxine 2022 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Maxine:

Jemma Carlton plays Maxine Carr
Scott Reid plays Ian Huntley
Steve Edge plays Brian Farmer
Natalie Britton plays Jane Kerrigan

Kate O’Toole plays Shirley
Molly McCannas Millie Farmer
Barry John Kinsella plays Andy Hebb
David Ryan plays Chris Stevenson

Shane Nestor plays Howard Gilbert
Simon Coury plays Stephen Coward
Laurence Foster plays Michael Hubbard
Lesley Conroy plays Lynda Huntley

Maxine hangs up clean curtains in her lounge
Jemma Carlton as Maxine

Steve Gunn plays Matt Tapp
Catriona Loughlin plays Nikki Harris
Lucy Cray Miller plays Marion Bastin
San Shella plays Walker

Andy Crook plays Richard Latham
Jim Roche plays Dr Nat Cary

Watch Maxine on TV and online

Maxine will air on Channel 5 from Monday, 10 October at 9PM and continue nightly on Tuesday, 11 October and Wednesday, 12 October.

You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via My5.

A synopsis of the series shares: “Maxine Carr moves to Soham for a fresh start with her boyfriend Ian Huntley. On a weekend home to see her mother, and following a jealous argument with Ian, Maxine parties the night away in her hometown of Grimsby.

“She awakens to the news of the girls’ disappearance and returns to Soham to provide Ian with an alibi. As media interest escalates and the police search intensifies, the couple become increasingly exposed, and we’re left to wonder — how much does Maxine really know?”

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