Make It At Market series 2 comes to BBC Two in November


Make It At Market series two comes to BBC One and iPlayer this November.

Brand new episodes will be filmed in Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire.

The show welcomes back The Repair Shop’s Dom Chinea and his expert team of business and craft professionals, who are determined to revolutionize the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to turn their crafting hobby into a viable business.

Contestants in the first episode

Various challenges will evaluate the participants’ skills and determination to succeed, preparing them for the real world of crafting entrepreneurship as they strive to generate income from their craft.

The series showcases a diverse array of hobbyists, encompassing potters, blacksmiths, weavers, woodworkers, jewellers, and furniture makers, all of whom are ardent and exceptionally skilled artisans hailing from various regions of the United Kingdom.

A start date for the new episodes is to be announced in due course.

For now, you can watch Make it at Market’s first series online now via BBC iPlayer.

The first episode introduces us to Cath, a resident of Cheshire, and Morgan, hailing from Oxfordshire.

The pair have their sights set on transforming their artistic talents into profitable enterprises as they enter the marquee. Cath, who works as a cleaner, aspires to trade her day job for a willow weaving business, seeking guidance from Dom and his expert team.

However, mentor Eddie expresses concerns about Cath’s life-sized fantastical beasts and fairies, questioning their marketability, and encourages her to reconsider her business approach.

Meanwhile, furniture maker Morgan’s journey revolves around bolstering his self-confidence in his craft, with mentor Alice working to instill belief in both his skills and creations. With eight weeks at their disposal to implement their mentors’ advice, the question remains: can they generate sufficient income to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams?

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