Love Triangle: E4 announces new dating show with unique twist

E4 has announced brand new dating show Love Triangle, promising unique, shock twists and turns.

In a dating show first, six singles will choose a love match from just two options – but after choosing one to date, the other will make a shocking, surprise return to form a Love Triangle.

After dating and living with both, each single faces a choice: they must pick one of their matches to pursue lasting love.

The show, produced by Workerbee, is based on the original Australian format, originally developed by the producers of Married at First Sight Australia.

A teaser shares: “Love Triangle follows the singles as they spend 48 hours getting to know their two matches via text only. In its efforts to offer an antidote to the worst aspects of modern dating, this experience demands that the singles make their decision without setting eyes on their suitors; no pictures or selfies allowed.

“After just two days of trying to build a connection, they must make the potentially life-changing choice between their two matches, before they meet them on a blind date. Just 24 hours later, the picker and their chosen match will take the extraordinary step of moving in together, to explore what their future might look like.

“But around the corner are a series of gripping plot-twists that neither the singles, nor their suitors, see coming. ”

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, and Commissioning Editor for Married at First Sight UK, Lee McMurray said: “When it comes to romance, most of us have a type we want, who often disappoints; we fail to spot the match we need, who could make us truly happy.

Love Triangle puts this modern dating dilemma front and centre, with a trademark E4 twist. I’m confident British audiences will be gripped by this radical rejection of our current looks-based, swipe right dating culture, as they share the joy, love, heartache and off-the-scale drama of the six brave singles taking part in this unique, distinctive quest for love.”

Ben Mitchell, Workerbee Creative Director, added: “In the superficial world of modern dating, it’s all too easy to swipe away matches who could have been the love of our lives, if only we’d given them a chance. In this explosive new format, we’re asking six singles to try a very different approach to finding ‘the one’.

“The results are surprising, emotional and dramatic. In Love Triangle, there are three sides to every story!”

Further details including a start date will be revealed in due course.

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