Love Island’s Curtis snogs Jourdan – as Amy reveals she LOVES him

Curtis Pritchard snogs Jourdan Riane on Love Island 2019 tonight, while Amy Hart secretly reveals her love for him.

In this evening’s episode, the Islanders play a game of dares.

In his round, without missing a beat, Curtis snogs Jourdan when dared to kiss the person he fancies most, which leaves his fellow Islanders with a few raised eyebrows.

Later in the beach hut, Curtis explains: “I just need to be true to myself… I’m always thinking about other people. I went in for that kiss with Jourdan to try and give me clarity to see if she is the girl for me or if it’s Amy.”

He then seeks advice from best pal Tommy: “How has my head been turned? I was going to ask Amy to be my girlfriend… I’m in a tricky predicament.”

Tommy tells the dancer that he needs to speak to Jourdan and confess his feelings: “Sooner or later you’re going to have to make a decision… If I was in your position, I would go straight to Jourdan and say ‘This is how I feel’ and she needs to tell you how she’s feeling in order for you to move on.”

Seizing Tommy’s advice Curtis and Jourdan talk about their current situation.

As the pair are sat on the bean bags away from the other Islanders, Curtis admits to Jourdan: “I have a good relationship with Amy. I have a good connection with Amy, she’s a lovely young lady, she’s fascinating. I could see things working with her…

“But how can somebody go from being in a good relationship to feeling something completely different with somebody else in three days. Loads of people have walked into the villa, I’ve not even looked at anyone. This is why I don’t know why you have swayed me in a different direction.

“You are clearly stunning, you seem very clever, you seem like you’ve got a good heart and there clearly is something missing with me and Amy otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.”

He continues: “I’m shocked, really shocked. I didn’t think I would be turned. I’m thinking with my gut and my heart now… If a Recoupling was in half an hour, I’d be going off my gut, I’d choose you.”

Meanwhile in Casa Amor, Amy drops a bombshell of her own and confesses to Molly-Mae that she is, in fact, in love with Curtis.

She says: “Before I left the Villa, I had started to have an inkling that I might love Curtis. He’s my absolute favourite person and I thought I loved him before I came away but then I thought, I don’t actually know what love is.

“Do I just really like him? How do you know when it crosses over into love? Being here and not being able to contact him, not being able to see him has been so gut wrenching for me. I’m like, this is love, 100 per cent. I never thought it would happen to me.”

She continues: “He’s my half boyfriend and my best friend rolled into one. I don’t think I’m going to tell him though, I’m happy with my little secret that I know I love him.”

With Amy dropping the L-bomb whilst Curtis has been making moves on Jourdan, there is clearly trouble in paradise… but what lies in store for this couple?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight, Tuesday July 2, at 9PM on ITV2.

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, in Casa Amor, new relationships are blossoming as Ovie reaffirms his interest in Anna and plants a kiss on her as the person he fancies most.

Maura, who is currently enjoying the company of both Dennon and Marvin, is tasked with snogging the Islander who she thinks has the nicest lips. After picking Marvin, she later confesses: “I could feel Dennon’s eyes burning, I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.”

She later admits in the Beach Hut that she is unsure out of Dennon or Marvin who might be her perfect match. She says: “Dennon is really funny and all I do is have belly aches laughing and then Marvin is more serious but he’s so mature and I love that.”