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Love Island USA spoilers: Four Islanders dumped from the villa

Four Islanders have been dumped from the Love Island USA villa in tonight’s results.


In this evening’s episode, Jalen received a text which read: “Islanders. Tonight, the stars will align. Get ready for an astrology-themed party that will be out of this world! #LookingForASign #WrittenInTheStars #BlameItOnMyZodiac”

The Islanders got ready and looked forward to the night’s party, unaware of the surprise heading their way, as host Arielle made a dramatic entrance and asked the Islanders to gather at the fire pit.

Arielle said: “Ok Islanders, I’ve come with some news. America has been voting for their favourite couple.

“I’m now going to reveal the top four couples in no particular order who are safe and will remain on Love Island.

“The Islanders in the bottom three couples risk being dumped from the island tonight.”

The Islanders stood and one by one as Arielle revealed the four couples who were safe until three couples remained: Laurel & Carrington, Aaron & Mackenzie and Jalen & Sher.


Arielle then announced that the boys who were safe had to choose to save one girl, while the safe girls had to choose to save one boy. The safe Islanders chose to keep Laurel and Carrington. As a result, Aaron, Mackenzie, Jalen an Sher were all eliminated from he villa.

Meanwhile, the dumping wasn’t the only surprise in store for the Islanders, as three new boys arrived in paradise looking for love.

As the Islanders were sleeping, the new boys – Bennett Sipes, Noah Purvis and Bennie Bivens – made their entrance and sneak into the bedroom to surprise the Islanders when they woke up.

The Islanders awoke to the arrival of the new boys. Each of the new boys received a text telling them they were able to choose one girl each for a date.

Love Island USA continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.


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Picture: CBS