Love Island SPOILERS! New bombshell surprises the villa

The boys line up to meet the new girl
The boys line up to meet the new girl

A brand new bombshell makes a surprise arrival in the Love Island villa tonight.

In Wednesday’s episode, the Islanders get glammed up for the evening and are in the garden when Jess receives a text.

It reads: “Girls. It’s time for a game. Blindfold your boy. Line them up by the pool and then head to the terrace. #nopeeping”

The boys line up by the pool and their girls place blindfolds on them before heading to the terrace.


The sound of footsteps catches the girls’ attention as a new girl makes her entrance at the Villa.

Heading over to the boys, the new girl shares a snog with each of the boys as the girls watch on from the terrace in disbelief.

What does this new arrival mean for the rest of the Islanders?


Also on the show this evening, tensions rise as Harriett causes a stir when she makes a move on Joey.

Elsewhere, Patsy opens up to Munveer

She tells him: “There is one big thing that I was going to bring up. I haven’t really spoken to anyone about it.

“I’ve got a disability, basically. I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because it’s an awkward thing to bring up. It’s a disability in my arm – I’ve got no strength, anything above shoulder height I can’t lift.”

She adds: “Sometimes you think, I don’t know, that having something different you don’t know if everyone is going to find it completely sexy. But being different is cool.”

Love Island airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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