Tonight’s Love Island update as Arabella reels from Toby’s decision

Arabella on tonight's Love Island

On Love Island All Stars tonight, Arabella confronts her emotions and seeks support from the girls after Toby’s unexpected recoupling decision.

In tonight’s show, Toby’s unexpected decision during the latest recoupling has left everyone stunned.

Arabella reacts: “I just feel it’s always me, I’m always the one to get hurt…he’s an immature little boy…how can you literally be saying things and just change your mind like that? If your feelings are genuine you don’t change your mind like that…”

Georgia S, caught in the midst of this emotional turmoil, empathises with Arabella, admitting, “I feel awful…”

Georgia S and Toby

Yet, Arabella reassures her, stating, “It’s nothing to do with you. Why’s he put us in this situation?”

Seeking a reprieve from the tension, the girls receive an invitation for an afternoon filled with cocktails and conversations.

Arabella says: “I obviously did not see that coming at all.”

Georgia S replies: “You and me both Belle…as awful as it is and how much he’s jeopardised other people in here and their feelings, I feel like being upfront and saying how it is, I do rate. I think you never know how long you’re in here for, you never know what can happen next.”

During their time away, Arabella opens up about a conversation with Cal, indicating others’ perspectives on the situation.

The girls enjoy cocktails

“I had a conversation with Cal last night, and I think he’s just a bit upset from his point of view that you guys had been talking on a level and the fact that when Toby did recouple to you, you didn’t shut it down straight away,” she reveals.

As the girls enjoy their day out, Toby and Chris engage in a pampering session back at the Villa.

Chris attempts to mediate, suggesting, “I was just trying to convey to the lads that there are multiple ways of looking at things. I think they got it…they had fair points mate…like has G got any blame in this, in terms of leading you to believe…”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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