Love Island new boys make dramatic entrance before heading out on dates


Two new boys entered the Love Island 2020 villa tonight and immediately caused drama.

“Tonight two new boys will enter the villa and you’re hosting welcome drinks,” a text sent to the girls in this evening’s show read.

Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott made their entrance in typical dramatic slow-mo Love Island style.

Shaughna yelled: “Siânnise – it’s operation get you a man!”

Rebecca admitted: “I really like Connagh, but that’s not going to stop me getting to know two new boys.”

Connagh said in the Beach Hut: “This is what I’ve been dreading a bit – it’ll be interesting to see how I handle it.”

And as the boys watched on from the top deck of the Villa, Mike asked: “Has anyone actually had concrete reassurance [from their girls?]”

Connor replied: “No…”

Meanwhile, the girls described their ideal new boys to walk in, with Siânnise saying: “I want someone with a bit of swag!”

Jess said: “I just want someone tall, with darker features… I’m really excited.”

As Luke T and Luke M entered Siânnise admitted her “heart is racing” while Connagh – who was looking on – admitted “this is torture”.

After introducing themselves, the Lukes learned the public had been voting for them to go on dates.

Luke M was sent on a date with Jess Gale while Luke T was set up by viewers with Siânnise.

Meanwhile, Finn and Paige were left clashing over his reaction to the newbies.

Paige was left fuming after Finn seemingly played down the seriousness of their current coupling, leading to a bitter row before bed.

Elsewhere tonight, Connagh put Siânnise in the friend zone after his kiss with Rebecca.

Love Island 2020 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

Episodes air Sunday-Fridays on ITV2 with Unseen Bits on Saturdays and spin-off After Sun at 10PM on Mondays.