Love Island 2019 spoiler: Anna torn between Jordan and Ovie

Love Island’s Anna Vakili has found herself in a love triangle with Jordan Hames with Ovie Soko.

Anna coupled up with new guy Ovie in this week’s recoupling after Casa Amor, while Jordan stayed loyal to her.

Despite her new man, Jordan has picked up on the fact that Anna may still have feelings for him.

In tonight’s show, Jordan tells the boys: “I feel like since she has come back in to the villa, the chemistry is still there. The eye contact is mad.”

The guys encourage Jordan to still try and pursue a romantic relationship with Anna. Tommy says to Jordan “Go for it.”

Jordan reflects in the Beach Hut about his next move. He says: “I always back myself but it’s good to know the boys are backing my decision. It was good to get the go-ahead from them as well.”

Later that evening, Jordan asks Anna for a chat at the fire pit. He says to Anna “I’ve missed you.”

Anna tells him: “I feel like I did miss you but I didn’t realise how much I missed you or how much I liked you until I saw you. It’s now really hard for me to see you. But it seems like it’s really easy for you.”

Jordan is keen to reassure Anna that he still has feelings for her. He says “It’s not. Why did you think I came to cuddle you in the bedroom today? I wanted to give you a cuddle and make sure you were alright.”

Jordan continues: “When you were gone it made me realise how much I actually liked you.”

Anna then asks: “So, you don’t want to crack on with anyone else?”

Jordan replies: “I wanted to prove you wrong and prove that I did like you. I don’t say things if I don’t mean it.”

Anna says “I’m surprised at how you acted and how much you like me.”

But Ovie has picked up on the fact that Anna may be feeling torn between him and Jordan and he is keen to know where her head is at.

Ovie asks: “I just want to know what’s going on in your mind. What are you thinking? Since I’ve met you, we’ve just really got along. I feel like since you’ve got back and seen him, your whole energy changed.”

Anna explains: “It was weird for me coming out with you and him being on his own. I was shocked. I felt really bad. I did like him and I can’t switch it off just like that.

“Right now, my mind is just a bit confused.”

But who will Anna decide to continue her Love Island journey with?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.