Love Island 2018 results! Dumped Islanders spill all after their exit

Alexandra Cane and Alex George have spoken out after their Love Island exits.

It was Alex George and Alexandra Cane who left on Love Island 2018 tonight just a day before the final.

On Friday, one last twist shocked the Islanders when each couple had to vote for another to leave. The three couples that ended up nominated were Alex & Alexandra, Laura & Paul and Josh & Kaz.

They faced a public vote with the results revealed in tonight’s episode. Caroline Flack returned to the villa, announcing Alex and Alexandra had the fewest public votes and were heading home.

Speaking after his exit, Alex said tonight: “I feel like it’s been an incredible journey, I have had so many highs and some lows as well. I think at this point and where I’ve got to and how the journey has been, it’s the right time. Alexandra and I didn’t work out romantically but at the same time we’ve had a chance to become friends and get over what happened.

“I think it was the right time because I leave on a happy note, and leave feeling good. I don’t feel in any way frustrated that I should have been here longer and I think the right people have got into the final.”

Alexandra added: “I feel really excited about what is to come. I’m happy and think I’ve done myself proud. I wish the others all the best, they are really deserving to be there.”

Alex admitted: “There are a few things that I could have handled differently. The Alxexandra situation, maybe on the first occasion when I had the chat with her I could have not panicked so much and taken time before I had that discussion.

“In the end we did have a second try and things didn’t work out. These things do happen for a reason. All the elements of my journey have been important and I have learnt a lot from it.”

Alexandra said she and Alex were now “good friends” despite all that happened between them in their final week.

She said: “We are really good friends. We do get along so well. We have such a laugh together. We has me on the floor rolling about in fits of laughter. I can only see it moving forward positively, maybe not romantically, but as friends. I would love to stay in touch with him, he’s a funny guy. And his mum still wants him to go to Wales – that’s a positive.”

The pair both tipped Jack and Dani to win the series in tomorrow’s final.

Alex said: “I suspect that Jack and Dani may well be engaged by this time next year. They are fantastic together. The boy and girl version of each other. I’m really excited to see their journey continue on the outside.”

Love Island 2018 concludes LIVE on Monday night at 9PM with Caroline Flack.