Loren Allred responds to ‘fix’ claims after Britain’s Got Talent audition

Loren Allred has responded to ‘fix’ claims after auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent.

The hidden star of The Greatest Showman won a golden buzzer in Saturday night’s episode.

The singer from Brooklyn, USA provided the singing voice for Jenny Lind in the film, recording the vocals for the movie’s big ballad Never Enough.

Taking to the stage on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday, Loren stepped into the spotlight for herself to sing the song with Amanda Holden immediately hitting the golden buzzer.

While many viewers were fans of Loren’s audition, others suggested it was ‘unfair’ for her to be on the show.

One wrote on Twitter: “Her voice is amazing but I do not think that she should have even been on BGT, she’s already famous.”

Another complained: “I thought #BGT was about discovering new talent?! what a fix!”

In respond to the comments, Loren said: “I am an unsigned, independent artist still trying to make a name for myself.”

She told The Sun newspaper: “Even though I have spent a lot of years in the music industry, people don’t know who I am. Over all these years I’ve been fighting for my chance to be known and to make it.

“The opportunity to sing Never Enough evolved from being a session singer in the choir, and even though the song was a big success, people still think that the actress sang it.

“I have never gotten the opportunity to tell my story. That’s never happened for me.”

With the golden buzzer, Loren goes straight through to this year’s live semi-finals.

“That was just unbelievable, it was brilliant,” Amanda said after Loren’s audition. “I am absolutely shaking I can’t believe I’ve had this incredible opportunity to get you your moment to shine.”

Simon Cowell said: “This is so well deserved. It was actually one of the most incredible audition moments I’ve ever experienced. I’m speechless… I’m so happy.

“Timing in life is everything and maybe this is your moment now.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV.