Location, Location, Location start date for new series in 2023


A brand new series of Location, Location, Location arrives on Channel 4 for a brand new series this month.

Location, Location, Location returns with prospective homebuyers navigating a dynamic property market.

Recent years have seen the real estate landscape undergo significant changes, from a post-lockdown surge to subsequent interest rate hikes, all while the cost of living continues to rise.

Kirstie and Phil on Location, Location, Location

In this challenging environment, making informed decisions is crucial for potential buyers, making the extensive experience of hosts Kirstie and Phil more invaluable than ever.

When is Location, Location, Location back on TV?

Location, Location, Location‘s new series for 2023 begins on Wednesday, 25 October at 8PM.

It’s the show’s landmark 40th series.

You’ll also be able to watch online via Channel 4 Streaming with the next episode available following the transmission of first episode.

In the first episode, Kirstie and Phil search in Devon with two young families. Kirstie is with Torquay natives Natalie and Glen, who’ve felt priced out of their popular local market for years. They’re giving it their best shot, but after 30 viewings they’re struggling to find a home for them and their 10-year-old son Barnaby.

The first house Kirstie shows them blows them away, but it’s at the top of their budget and other potential buyers are queueing up, so they need to be bold if they want to secure it before someone snatches it out from under them.

Phil on Location,. Location, Location

Meanwhile, Phil’s with single mum Amy, who’s moving from Somerset to Exmouth and looking for a seaside idyll for her and her two young children. Amy worked in social service and went on to develop an app to help frontline mental health workers.

It’s made her a successful entrepreneur but even a healthy budget of up to £1 million isn’t cracking her Devon search. Phil shows her four very different houses, all of which hit Amy’s criteria in different ways, but when a ‘loved and lost’ property comes back into the frame it makes for a nail-biting climax to Amy’s search.

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