Meet the latest contestants on Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win tonight (Episode 6)

Paul and Ellie on Limitless Win

Paul and Ellie, alongside Becca and Denis, tackle Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win, aiming for victory with strategic plays and charitable plans, airing this Saturday on ITV1 and ITVX.

Paul and Ellie

Paul and Ellie, both 30, from Chelmsford, continue their journey from episode 5. As a married couple with professions as a Design Director and Sales Manager respectively, they bring a unique blend of creativity and strategy to the game.

Ellie shared their enthusiasm for the show, saying, “We love the show and think we could be really good at it! So we thought why not, let’s apply and see where it gets us.”

Discussing their game plan, Ellie highlighted their complementary roles: “Paul will be pushing and I will be discussing and making sure we’re confident and making sure we’re making the right decision before he impulsively hits down the button.”

When asked about their aspirations for the winnings, the couple has big dreams. “We’d put the majority to a new house – we want to upsize so we’re ready when we start thinking about growing our family,” Ellie explained, while Paul added, “We’d also go on an incredible trip to Thailand.”

Becca and Denis

Becca and Denis on Ant & Decs Limitless Win on ITV1 and ITVX
Becca and Denis on Ant & Decs Limitless Win on ITV1 and ITVX

Becca, 33, an Apprenticeship Trainer, and her father Denis, 60, a Heating Engineer from Bristol (Denis originally from Northern Ireland), bring a dynamic of family camaraderie and competitive spirit.

Becca revealed the humorous motivation behind their application: “Dad bangs on about him being the cleverest person in the family. I just think it would be hilarious to test that.” Denis, admitting his tendency to engage with TV quiz shows from his armchair, shared, “That’s a ridiculous answer, what are you talking about, I’m one of those.”

On their strategy, Becca noted, “We communicate quite well although we’re both quite stubborn.” Denis hopes to be “the calming influence” in the heat of the game.

As for the winnings, Becca dreams of taking her children on a “huge round the world trip” and paying off the mortgage, while Denis wishes to give back, stating, “I would give some to charity. I lost my father earlier this year to Alzheimer’s and would give a significant amount to that charity.”

Tune in to see if Paul, Ellie, Becca, and Denis can climb their way to limitless winnings on Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win, this Saturday, 10 February, at 8:45PM on ITV1 and ITVX.