First look at BBC drama Kidnapped with Nadia Parkes as Chloe Ayling

Nadia Parkes as Chloe Ayling in Kidnapped on BBC One

The BBC has given a first glimpse of Nadia Parkes in the role of Chloe Ayling in the upcoming factual drama, Kidnapped.

This six-part series delves into the harrowing true story of Chloe Ayling’s abduction in Italy back in 2017, a journey that began with what was supposed to be a routine photoshoot.

Crafted by Georgia Lester (Killing Eve, Skins) Kidnapped draws from a wealth of sources including intensive research, numerous interviews, the legal records of the case, and Ayling’s own recount in her book Kidnapped.

The series aims to present Chloe’s story in its entirety, venturing beyond the sensational headlines to explore the emotional realities of her ordeal.

The dram will cover the chilling details of her abduction, her courageous conduct while held captive, and the legal battle that ultimately led to her abductors’ imprisonment. However, despite the conviction of her kidnappers, Ayling was met with scepticism and faced allegations of orchestrating her own kidnapping, thrusting her into a whirlwind of media scrutiny.

Kidnapped poses poignant questions about the treatment of crime survivors in the public eye, the credibility challenges faced by individuals thrust into unbelievable circumstances, and the broader implications of such a media spectacle on the victim’s personal life.

The cast also features Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Lindsay, Olive Gray, Eleonora Romandini, Julian Swiezewski. and Christine Tremarco.

Filming of Kidnapped occurred in Italy and the UK, with the full cooperation of Chloe Ayling herself.

The series will arrive on BBC Three and iPlayer later this year.

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