Kate Garraway discovers she’s related to Paddington Bear in ITV’s DNA Journey

Kate Garraway discovers a surprise relation in tonight’s episode of DNA Journey on ITV.

The show sees celebrity pairs head off on a to find out where their heritage from and unearth secrets from their past with the help of cutting edge DNA technology and genealogy.

In the second episode of the new series this evening, daytime Queens, Kate Garraway and Alison Hammond embark on a road trip to find out about their family history.

From Bristol, to London, to Jamaica, they cover the globe and find out that some of their own colourful and extraordinary ancestors would definitely make an eye opening item of one of their morning shows.

Kate heads to London to meet her cousins for the first time and finds out she’s related to Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear.

Later, over in Jamaica, Kate is amazed to learn she also has a deep connection to James Bond. She learns her ancestor was in the elite secretive unit, T-Force in World War II and this unit was the inspiration for the world’s most famous spy, James Bond.

For Alison, visiting Jamaica, homeland of her recently deceased Mum, is an incredibly emotional and moving journey…one that brings her closer to her Mum…as she finds out the most jaw dropping of maternal histories.

She learns that her 3 x Great Grandfather, not only campaigned for the rights of free people of colour; he was instrumental in gaining their freedoms by attracting attention at the highest level – in the House of Commons – at great personal sacrifice.

DNA Journey airs Thursday at 9PM on ITV and ITV Hub.