Coma start date and cast of new Channel 5 drama

Coma poster on Channel 5 featuring the cast

Jason Watkins leads the cast of new Channel 5 drama Coma, delving into the consequences of one fateful decision and the unforeseen chaos that ensues

When to watch

Coma will start on Channel 5 on Monday, 18 March at 9PM. The four-episode series will continue nightly throughout the week, concluding on Thursday, 21 March. You’ll also be able to stream on My5.

Jason Watkins as Simon
Jason Watkins as Simon

Meet the cast

Those appearing on the drama are:

  • Jason Watkins plays Simon
  • Claire Skinner plays Beth
  • Jonas Armstrong plays Paul
  • David Bradley plays Harry
  • Joe Barber plays Jordan
  • Kayla Meikle plays Ds Kelly
  • David Mumeni plays Jimmy
  • Matilda Firth plays Sophie

Jason Watkins said: “I cannot wait to get stuck into playing Simon in Coma, this character faces an agonising situation that will keep viewers questioning their own morals. Iā€™m sure it will be a thrilling and emotionally charged experience.ā€

What’s the plot?

Simon Bamford, a family man pushed to the edge, is struggling with his mortgage, job loss, and a group of troublesome youths in his neighbourhood.

The situation escalates one evening when Jordan, a rebellious teenager, brings trouble directly to Simon’s door. Faced with continuous provocation, Simon loses control and lashes out, causing Jordan to suffer a serious injury. In a state of panic upon realising Jordan is unresponsive, Simon immediately attempts to revive him.

Jason Watkins as Simon in the first episode
Jason Watkins as Simon

Despite his actions, Simon is far from a criminal and hastily begins CPR. The arriving police find him attempting to save Jordan, mistaking him for a concerned passerby. Simon, seizing the opportunity, claims ignorance about Jordan’s condition.

Given Simon’s reputable status and Jordan’s known affiliations, the police accept his version of events. DS Kelly Evans, however, is unknowingly entangled in Simon’s web of deceit when Simon visits the hospital under the guise of picking up his wife, Beth, who isn’t actually working that day.

Simon’s discomfort grows as Jordan’s parents, Paul and Anna, seek updates on their son. Paul, a menacing figure and known criminal, becomes interested in Simon, further complicating matters.

Amidst this, the community mistakenly celebrates Simon as a hero, unaware of the truth and the eyes that witnessed the incident unfold.

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