ITV2’s Secret Crush returns with ‘bigger, better and sexier’ second series


ITV2’s Secret Crush returns next week as more singletons reveal their true feelings for someone close to them.

The show sees lovestruck singletons who have been harbouring feelings from afar finally reveal their hidden passion to their unknowing crush.

Whether they’ve been secretly dreaming of dating their best friend, colleague, or gym buddy, it’s time for the lovelorn to publicly admit the desires they’ve been keeping bottled up. But will their affections be reciprocated? Is love going to blossom? Or should their secret crush have actually stayed secret?

Secret Crush: SR2 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Verona Rose. ©Naked Television
Secret Crush: SR2 on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Pictured: Verona Rose. ©Naked Television

Comedian Verona Rose hosts the show and is on hand to support both the singletons and their crushes.

Admirers from all walks of life will secretly invite their crush to join them, agreeing to be filmed as they declare their true feelings.

Meanwhile their crush is told before filming that someone in their life secretly likes them but won’t find out who it is until the moment they walk into the date.

Speaking about the second series, Verona says: “This time I just think it’s bigger, better and we’ve definitely upped the glam! Everything looks more sexy. The set design and everything looks incredible, and it really makes you go ‘ooh I want to know where that is’.”

Sharing a teaser of some of the new revelations, she continues: “We have some real firecrackers. We can look forward to some snogging, some friends who are besties who potentially get-together, some people who end up being in complete shock and some who get pretty annoyed as well.

“There will be lots of drama and passion.

“One that really stood out to me were two people who were friends and helped each other through difficult times. They were not each other’s usual types, but they were pleasantly surprised, and it ended up well. They were going to have their first experience with each other which is great.

“That’s what is so lovely about this show, people may not have necessarily thought about their relationship progressing but then realising it could and it could be great.”

And Verona revealed that the show has created long-term relationships: “Finding that out made me feel like my job here is done. I felt so good about it. I felt so happy for them. Some of them were surprising couples because they were unsure initially, but I’m really happy we have some couple out there now.”

Secret Crush starts on Monday, 12 September at 7PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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